Over The Top 2020

Welcome to Over The Top 2020 hosted by the Hamilton Immortals.

One-Day Event

Your choice of Saturday or Sunday


Two-Day Event

Both weekend days


Club Discount

Immortals Members Discount (per day)


Location and Venue

Over The Top 2020 will be held at Hamilton Cosmopolitan Club located at 32 Claudelands Road, Hamilton East, Hamilton, New Zealand.

There is an on-site bar and bistro with very reasonable prices. The bar is open from 10am. The restaurant is open for lunch from 12pm to 2pm and dinner facilities open from 5pm. Every entrant will receive a name-tag to wear. Visitors to the event are welcome but will need to sign in on entry. Regulars of the club may be present at times so please be friendly. event will be held upstairs - this area is off limits for club members normally, however it is not locked. Please be conscious of this and we would recommend not leaving anything behind overnight.

Tournament Schedule

Over The Top 2020 will commence on Saturday 08 February at 9:45AM. The event will run for a total of 2 days, and will officially be over on Sunday 09 February at 5:00PM.

Saturday 08 February

Doors Open
Doors Close

Sunday 09 February

Doors Open
Doors Close

Warhammer 40K
Middle Earth
Age of Sigmar

Event Competitions

We try to select the largest range of game systems possible to include in tournaments, but this can vary depending on the popularity of the game system and the availability of umpires. To find out everything you need to know for your preferred game system, please find the corresponding player pack in the section below.

Player Packs

Your player pack is a downloadable file that contains everything you need to know about your game system's event at this tournament. Player packs are created by the umpire for your game system and may be subject to change prior to the event commencing, so make sure to check back if you think this may affect you. The date that the player pack was last modified is displayed under each one. Please select your game system on the right and download your player pack to prepare for the event!

Warhammer 40K Player Pack
Last modified
15 December at 11:15 PM

Download File
Middle Earth Player Pack
Last modified
15 December at 11:15 PM

Download File
Age of Sigmar Player Pack
Last modified
16 December at 11:07 PM

Download File


To register for this event, we require that payment is made and any requirements of the player pack for your chosen game system are fulfilled. Payments can be made to Westpac Hamilton Immortals (03-1561-0029895-02), please include reference to your name and game system so we can identify your payment. For alternative payment options, please email dcfisher@orcon.net.nz.

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